About Foreseeson EVSE

Foreseeson Technology is a ChargePoint Premier Partner for the Canadian marketplace. Our team of specialists can assist you with all of your ChargePoint EV charging station requirements.

Founded in 2001, Foreseeson today is one of British Columbia’s Top 100 Technology Companies with national reach across Canada.

In addition to ChargePoint charging stations, Foreseeson also provides electronic manufacturing services, and network security solutions for the Canadian channel community.

Foreseeson Technology. Your Canadian ChargePoint specialists.

Foreseeson Technology Inc. is a British Columbia, Canada-based Manufacturing and Distribution Services (MDS) organization. Foreseeson is striving to provide a total solution: from Engineering, Prototyping, small run manufacturing and Distribution services to local and national customers. We focus on building premier customer relationships with companies requiring high-mix, high-complexity start-to-finish manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the Industrial & Instrumentation, Medical, Communications, Computers & Multimedia, Transportation, Defense and Environment & Security industries.

The services that Foreseeson provide include:

  • Express Prototype Manufacturing Services
  • Free BGA and uBGA X-ray testing services included (if there is BGA or uBGA onboard)
  • Small volume Manufacturing Services
  • BGA and uBGA X-ray testing Services
  • Procurement, Stocking and Kiting Services
  • Mass Production Services
  • Marketing and Logistic Services
  • Warranty and Maintenance Services