ChargePoint® Express

Taking DC Fast Charging Further

ChargePoint Express DC fast chargers enable property owners, businesses and municipalities the ability to offer reliable fast charging for all DC-capable electric vehicles. With a built-in AC-to-DC converter, the Express DC chargers will directly charge a vehicle’s battery, sometimes in 30 minutes or less.

Express stations are ideal wherever a fast charge is needed, such as a freeway corridor, or for those business locations with brief dwell times, such as a chain of fast-food restaurants.

With ChargePoint’s network and cloud services, you get all of the benefits of ChargePoint’s advanced network features, including world-class support for you and your drivers.

Choose the Express charger that’s right for you

ChargePoint Express 100

ChargePoint Express 100

The Express 100 combines all of the capabilities and features of a fast charger in a cost-effective package, making it the ideal fast charger for city and urban driving.

With an output of 24kW, the Express 100 station charges at a rate of up to 160 RPH (kilometers of Ranger Per Hour). Property owners and businesses such as banks and convenience stores can offer their customers the convenience of fast charging. Learn More

Download our Express 100 datasheet to see technical specs.
Download our Express 100 brochure to see even more features and photos.

ChargePoint Express 200

ChargePoint Express 200

Looking to offer your customers the fastest charge possible? Then the Express 200 is the perfect solution.

With dual connectors coupled with an output of 50kW, the Express 200 charges at a rate of more than 300 RPH (kilometres of Range Per Hour), making the Express 200 one of the fastest chargers in the marketplace. Its ideal for businesses along freeway corridors. Or for municipalities and provincial governments needing to provide charging infrastructure for long-distance trips. Learn More

View the Express 200 data sheet, installation guide, and CAD files.
Download our Express 200 brochure to see even more features and photos.


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