Free EV Charger and Installation Program Form

Free EV Chargers & Installation Program - Application Form

    Q1. Business or Property Name:

    Q2. Where is the parking lot/space where you wish to install the EV chargers located?

    Q3. Is the property you wish to install the EV chargers commercial or residential?


    Q4. Which option best suits your needs?

    1 x 30 kWh DC Charger2 x 30 kWh DC Charger5 x Level 2 Chargers (up to 10 ports)1 x 30 kWh + 3 x Level 2 Chargers (up to 6 ports)

    Q5. Do you own the property?


    If no, do you have permission from the property owner to install the chargers?


    Q6. How much power from your property can you allocate to the EV Chargers?

    Not sure at this moment
    Q7. Does the property have a minimum of five parking spots?


    Q8. Are the parking spots on the property 24/7 accessible?


    Q9. Does your parking lot have access to Wi-Fi?


    Q10. Who would be using these EV charging stations?

    Open to allCustomers onlyEmployees onlyOther

    Q11. How many vehicles would you expect on a daily basis to use the chargers?

    1-5 vehicles6-10 vehicles11-20 vehicles21+ vehiclesUncertain

    Q12. When do you wish to have these EV charger(s) installed?

    No timeline yetAs soon as availableWithin 6 monthsWithin 1 yearWithin 2 yearsOther

    Q13. Total parking spots on the property?


    Q14. Do you currently have any existing EV chargers installed on the property? If yes, how many chargers and what brand & model are they?


    Q15. Are you interested in adding solar panels and/or digital signage for additional cost?


    Q16. How did you hear about this program?

    WebsiteSocial MediaReferralOther

    Q17. Please tell us why you should be selected for a free install and EV charger(s)? (1000 characters max.)

    *Note: If you have more than one location on which you would like EV chargers, please fill a separate form for each location.