Multifamily Home Service

Convenient and reliable EV charging for apartment homes and condos

ChargePoint operates the largest and most open EV charging network with the biggest community of drivers. Most EV driving residents already have a ChargePoint account and now they can use it to charge at home, too. With ChargePoint Multifamily Home Service, residents will have reliable access to EV charging, conveniently located at their own dedicated parking space.

A Turnkey Solution for Property Managers

Property managers can now offer residents a premium amenity with minimal effort. ChargePoint provides the service at no cost to the property, with 24/7 support to resident drivers when they need it.

Property managers can benefit from:

  • Minimizing costs and time by using existing infrastructure and tapping into common area power
  • Recovering electricity costs
  • Collecting an optional rental fee
  • Avoiding long-term commitment and upfront investment in charging stations
  • Hassle-free management, billing and support all covered by the ChargePoint team
Resident Friendly Service

Residents will have peace of mind, knowing their charger is always available for topping off after work or for an unexpected charge on the weekend. They can unwind and relax without the hassle of coordinating with their neighbors to take turns charging.

Residents can benefit from:

  • Knowing their home charger is always available
  • Seamless account management for all their pubic and home charging
  • ChargePoint mobile app with real-time notifications about charging status
  • Tracking and reporting of energy usage and pricing
  • Affordable month-to-month service plan including station maintenance and driver support
  • Industry leading 24/7 driver support
How It Works

Once the parking lot is set up for charging, ChargePoint will install stations to meet demand and make it really easy for drivers to sign up, use and pay for the charging service.

Resident EV drivers request to enroll using their ChargePoint account
Property managers accept resident’s request for charging and assign parking spots
ChargePoint does the rest

Making Your Building Ready for EV Charging

ChargePoint makes it easy to offer EV charging to multifamily residents. Our national installation partners offer planning and make-ready infrastructure services so property managers can be confident that their charging site will achieve optimal performance at competitive, benchmark prices.