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Revolutionary Charging

EV Battery Station

Supply power to EV chargers without needing any electrical infrastructure upgrades. It is the perfect solution  areas with low grid power.


  • Power up to 5 x Level 2 chargers
  • Works with any existing EV chargers
  • Easy and quick installation
  • No electrical infrastructure upgrades required
  • Battery status monitoring

How our EV battery station helps?

Remote Ares

Set up EV chargers in remote areas with basic power requirements.

Low Power

Not enough to add EV chargers? Our EV battery station can help.

Expanding EV Chargers

Need to add more EV chargers? Plug into our EV battery station to start charging.

Trying out EV Charging

Use our EV battery station to test out EV charging at your location.

Save Money

No need for expensive electrical upgrades and trenching costs.

Fast Installation

Have EV charging setup now instead of waiting for a few months.