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Mobile EV Charger

Portable DC fast charger
at your convenience

Fast Mobile EV Charger


Our mobile EV charger is perfect for roadside assistance companies that want to provide emergency or quick charging services.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Removable & upgradable
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Dual connectors (CHAdeMO & CCS1 (J1772))


  • Output power: 30kW
  • Battery capacity: 80 kWh / 160 kWh / 300 kWh
  • Networking: LTE
  • Dimensions (charger): 900 L x 353.3 W x 979 H mm
  • Weight(charger): 716 kg
*Picture shown is for illustration only. Actual charger may vary.

Why need a mobile EV charger?

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance service providers can offer emergency charging services.

Portable EV Charging

Have a EV charging station without the high cost and long installation time.


Recharge your fleet with fast DC charging.


Provide employee EV charging without installing EV chargers.

Event Rental

Rent out the mobile EV charger and station it at events for attendees.


Power your business and enjoy the flexibility of the mobile EV charger.