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Frequently asked questions

To get additional support, visit our Contact page. Contact us via email or phone and provide use a detailed description of your issue. Our team will respond within 24-48 hours. You can also check our FAQ section for quick answers.

If your charging station is not working, please consult the user manual for troubleshooting guidance. Contact our customer support with specific details about the issue. Our team will assist you in troubleshooting or arranging repairs/replacement if needed. 

In order to see your energy usage and other data regarding your charging station(s) and session(s), a cloud plan must be purchased. To purchase and setup a cloud plan, please contact or at +1(855) 850-8722 for Home Chargers or +1(866) 233-0247 for Commercial Chargers.

User manuals and other related documents for each of our charging stations can be accessed on our Product Document page.

Our PlugEV app is a web-based application that allows EV drivers to find public charging stations in the PlugEV network and allow them to start a charging session. You can access our app by visiting

Our charging stations comes with either CCS1 or CHAdeMO charging connectors or both. Please check your vehicle’s charging connector requirement before purchasing.

Our RFID card allows drivers to easily start and stop a charging session. To use the RFID card, simply tap the card on the charging station.

If you have a cloud plan, please contact your admin on having the RFID cards setup to your needs. If you do not have a cloud plan, please contact our support team for instructions on how to set it up.

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