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RFID Cards

Restrict public usage and allow only selected users to charge. Our RFID card also can start and stop the charging session. Each charger can connect up to 10 RFID cards. If you need more RFID card access, we recommend the Cloud-Based Management System.

Power Monitoring Sub-Meter

Our power monitoring sub-meter allows you to monitor how much power is going into each EV chargers and logs the energy usage of each charger. All data is sent to the online energy management system through a Wi-Fi connection that is accessible online.

  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Energy usage data logging
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Wi-Fi connection for the online energy management system
  • Requires Wi-Fi accessibility

Cloud-Based Management System

Subscribe to our cloud-based management system to monitor your charging sessions and view data reports on the online dashboard. Manage users, charger permissions and many more features.

  • User management
  • Payment management
  • Usage reports
  • Hardware management


Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 1500mm

This stylish pedestal allows the charger to be installed easier and provides a more convenient way to manage the charging cable.

3-Year Warranty

Extended Warranty

Add an additional year so your warranty period is extended to three years (two-year standard). The extended warranty includes a free of charge replacement for your defective charger.