Leading Silicon Valley Corporation Partners with ChargePoint to Manage EV Charging Needs

Founded in the late 1990s, Intersearch* (a global corporation specializing in internet-based products and services) rapidly grew their revenues and global footprint by attracting and retaining the best engineering talent. While competitors entered the market sooner, Intersearch not only took a majority market share but maintained it through technical innovation and unique employee benefits. As a company garnering worldwide attention, InterSearch leads by example with investment in programs like their transportation and sustainability policy. In the San Francisco Bay Area where long commute times are detrimental to workplace and personal satisfaction, InterSearch recognizes that offering programs that address these needs creates a happier workforce.

The company now has more than 500 charging ports across 10 campuses in the U.S.

From 20+ suppliers, ChargePoint was chosen as the only viable solution.

The Challenge

In late 2010, InterSearch issued an RFP for an electric vehicle charging solution to support their sustainability initiatives and the future charging needs of both their electric fleet and employees’ personal vehicles. InterSearch required not only best- in-class EV charging stations but a networked solution with state-of-the-art features to manage the hundreds of stations they expected to install over time. The solution would need to include the ability to manage access control, payment processing, and provide detailed reporting. They required a solution on a robust and secure network with driver support and services including reservations and notifications. InterSearch forecasted the need for hundreds of EV charging stations to meet their workforce demands, and an efficient scalable solution was necessary to ensure minimal internal resources would be required.

The Result

More than 20 suppliers responded with a solution, of which two were chosen to compete in a head-to-head 90-day usability challenge. After only 45 days, ChargePoint was chosen as the only viable solution and the remaining finalist’s stations were removed from Intersearch’s corporate campus. The initial pilot included 25 Level 2 charging ports, and now InterSearch has expanded their installations with more than 500 Level 2 charging ports across 10 campuses in the U.S. to meet growing demand from their employees.

The Solution

ChargePoint bid the CT2000 family of stations, networked and managed through their cloud-based platform. ChargePoint’s cloud-based software allows InterSearch to make the stations visible and accessible only to their employee base. It also provides all of the detailed reporting they need to understand usage, energy dispensed, and greenhouse gas (GHG) savings to support corporate sustainability initiatives. With all of their EV charging stations supported by ChargePoint driver services (including 24-hour call center), the InterSearch facilities team is able to focus on other campus operations.